Mr. Jonathan P. Berger

b.20th century

Mr. | ´mistər | noun
1 – used to refer to a man who is very successful and famous for a particular activity (such as a sport) or who has a particular quality
2 – used before the name of a place, professor or activity or before an epithet (as clever) to form a title applied to a male viewed as reporesentative of the thing indicated ‹Mr. Baseball

Jonathan | ´jänəTHən | noun
1 – american; especially: a New Englander
2 – a medium-sized red-skinned apple

Patrick | ´păt´rĭk | noun
1 – a male given name: from the Latin patricius “nobly born“
2 – the patron saint of Ireland

Berger | ´bərɡər | noun
1 – German surname derived from the word “Berg,“ the world for “mountain“ or “hill,“ and means a resident on a mountain or hill, or someone from a toponym Berg, derived from the same
2 – French surname; an occupational name for shepherd, from Old French “bergier“ (late Latin berbicarius, from berbex ‘ram’)

Artist Statement

Sentimentality is a critical aspect of human existence because it is human-natural, agendered, and a foundation for establishing a conscious multi-world-representation interaction. As an artist, I am able to utilize sentimentality to open possibilities and welcome, instead of molest, viewers into contemplation with the assumed norms of domesticity.

With its origins founded in the Age of Enlightenment, sentimentality was a praiseworthy endeavor, one based on intelligence and contemplation. I define sentimentality as the emotional intellect’s way of encoding or decoding the soft emotions surrounding and within objects, people, times or ideas. Soft emotions are those emotions that when positive warm us and when negative nibble away at us. Because of its home in our innate emotional intelligence, sentimentality is a human-natural and agendered phenomenon.

I posit that sentimentality can be strategically used to access multiple world-representations, especially those located within the domestic. Essentially, world-representations are bundles of facts that are true in some world, be it fictional or non-fictional. This brings to mind multiverse theory. Because of their quietness, soft emotions are able to linger mysteriously around and between their source world-representations, gently blurring and conflating their distinctions.

Within my artistic practice I contemplate concepts of labor, love, and the fine line between loneliness and solitude found within the domestic universe by utilizing sentimentality as a tool of gentle conflation.