Golden in Silver

Golden in Silver

Citizens are the gold of any city. Golden in Silver documents and collaborates with the citizens of University City to exchange tintypes and stories, revealing the uniqueness of each individual and the camaraderie of community. Tintypes are one-of-a-kind photographs on metal and were the first photographic process inexpensive enough for the blue collar hard working citizen to afford. They profoundly recorded the previously hidden lives of citizens who never before had been photographically recorded. University City’s early photographers also used the tintype to document its citizens and its leaders. Golden in Silver again uses this process, along with personal stories, to bring citizens of the past and present together. Through citywide photo shoots, exhibitions, and exchanges through the mail, we can begin to recognize the gold of University City, its citizens.

Mr. Berger took over 120 tintypes of citizens across University City. Each tintype/story was archived in the city and state historical societies.

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About the University City Sculpture Series

This marks the 29th year of the University City Sculpture Series. The program is part of Community Visuals, a collaboration between the Sam Fox School and the Municipal Commission on Arts and Letter of University City that also includes the University City Gallery Series.

Funding is made possible in part by the Marvin Levy Family, the City of University City, and the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis