Man & Machine Power X-treme

Man and Machine Power X-treme

In the very near future, Professor Peril and his mutant henchman Muti-Man set out to conquer the globe with their evil and conniving deeds. Can anyone stop them from fullfilling their dastardly goals?

Only one force can stop the great evil, an elite force of brave men.

In specially created exobrains, they can be transported anywhere. Fused with incredible assault weapons systems, beamed down from the space station Spacestock, they become man and machine, power X-treme!

Aided by technological marvels and wizard weapons, designed and developed by leading scientists from the highest echelons of wisdom, this heroic men lead the forces of good on a quest to vanquish foulness.

They are our only hope.

Man and machine, power X-TREME!

AirMan, awesome aerospace ace!

BooMan, sound expert extraordinaire!

Mace-Man, brilliant yielder of the mace!

Tele-Man, terrific tele-broadcasting telepath!

Anten-Man, cool communications commander!

GentMan, gentle yet gravely intelligent!

Tro-Man, total technological tech-man!

Magi-Man, magnificent magnetic master!

PowMan, powerful parrying player!

X-tend Man, extreme length extender!

Roc-it Man, rockin' rocketeer risker!

Z-Man, best backup buddy!

Percep-Man, near perfect peeping preceptor!

GenMan, generationally rare warrior!

Spaz-Man, spectacular swashbuckler specialist!

SenstroMan, sensational sensoring sir!

Las-Man, loomingly low-key lad!

Together, with their marvelous machines, they will save us from certain doom.